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Reviews 1
Craig Gaskins CG Unlimited Satisfied Web Lakeland Client

Craig Gaskins

Web Roofing has made this such an easy and enjoyable process. I would highly recommend Michael and his team for new website design work. They did all the work behind the scenes and notified me when the site was ready. After a few small tweaks we were ready to go live. Amazing company.

Reviews 2

Nathan Patterson



Web roofing an outstanding job working with our company designing the perfect website.They listened to all of our requests and adapted them perfectly into our website. They accomplished all of this very quickly and we are extremely happy with our site. They walked us through every step of the process from getting our site live to helping us generate more business. I cannot express our thanks enough to Michael for his continued support and availability! 

Susan Mock Island Style Windows and Doors Satisfied Web Lakeland Client

Susan Mock

Web Roofing are very creative designers and worked diligently to create an outstanding website for our new company.They are easy to work with and listens carefully to your ideas and suggestions. Having working in architectural design firm many years, their website design aesthetics is first class. We are most pleased with their work and are looking forward to working with them in the near future for two of our other companies.

Reviews 3

Peter Haines

Web Roofing created a complete new brand image on the website and did it with ease and skill. They are a pleasure to work with and I plan to use them for a number of additional projects. They are very good at what they do.

Jian Shen, Mividi Satisfied Web Lakeland Client

Jian Shen

Michael and his team have done an outstanding job of re-designing our website. Our website was originally designed 7 years ago and it looked a little out of fashion. After the re-design, the website looks very modern and is also mobile friendly. Michael and his team have provide multiple design options, and are very accommodative to customer feedback. It was overall a very good experience to work with Web Roofing.

Reviews 4

Lexie Kier

Web Roofing are incredibly competent web designers and developers and an all around very smart operators.They add a ton of value to our work and it’s been awesome to collaborate with them over the past few months. From very early on in our partnership, they felt like a member of the team and is a lot of fun to work with. We have since brought them into multiple projects and their such an asset. Web Roofing is extremely capable at reflecting the client’s business goals and whatever look and feel is needed for digital design and development. Unlike some talented design and development firms who have a lot of ego about how things should be done, they are very collaborative, open, and trusts our creative direction. Beyond their strong web design and development skills, Michael is a wonderful communicator and uniquely realistic with respect to expectation management — arguably the rarest and most important thing when it comes to running projects. I recommend him and his company highly and hope his team will always have time to work with us!

Reviews 5

Rae Guyer - Largura

You can count on Web Roofing to be absolute experts in everything website and software related. They will create the best site imaginable, whether small or large. They are always attentive, helpful, professional, and easy to communicate with. After the project was finished they created a site much higher than my expectations and I started with high expectations. Above and beyond this, Michael, the founder is a good guy. You can count on him and trust him. 

Reviews 6

Subbu Viswanathan

Web Roofing are competent web development and marketing professionals with a strong customer-first ethos.They have a good design team that can produce novel output, a good development team that can design high quality websites on WordPress and finally, their understanding of SEO and hosting competencies are cutting edge. They don’t mind working with us even on weekends at unearthly hours if there is an emergency. The combination of excellent skillset and customer orientation makes it a no-brainer to want to work with them again and again on our inbound marketing / content marketing projects.

Reviews 7

Tom Elliott

So happy I was introduced to Web Roofing…Theyhave been a go-to web brand design and development resource for us this year – and was a pleasure to work with most recently – helping to overhaul our new growth team Website: THROTL.HAUS

Reviews 8

Mariagela Ruiz

Michael and his team at Web Roofing helped to take the website to the next level. His communication style is impressive, and he is always available when needed. After having worked with several companies who fail to understand the client’s needs, I was very happy to find a company who truly puts the client first. The careful implementation of a new design has made the new website user-friendly, technology-savvy and easy to maintain. The overall transition from the old site to the new was seamless. We are very happy with his company’s services and highly recommend them to anyone looking to build a new website from scratch or wanting to take their existing website to new heights.

Reviews 9

Justin Granath

My Organization contacted Michael (founder of Roofing) to assist with redeveloping a new website for patented products that we manufacture. Since I am a bit computer illiterate, I put all faith in Michael’s ability to execute what little vision/instructions given by my team and myself. His company was able to take the vision that we had and turn it into reality. I was very pleased to have contact with Michael on a daily basis as his team was designing our website. Michael maintained proper communication to ensure that we were satisfied with their work. I just wish everyone were as attentive and professional as Michael. In a nutshell, my Organization is extremely happy with Web Roofing. I would recommend and refer them to anyone in need of some computer wizardry.

Reviews 10

Taylor Adami

Web Roofing and the team exceeded our expectations during the entire duration of the project. The end product was a fresh, modern and user-friendly website. Michael, the founder was very attentive to our needs and the specificity of our requests. The support and superb customer service is why I see this relationship extending past our first project.

Reviews 11

Rich Phee

Web Roofing exceeded our expectations during the entire duration of our website overhaul. Their attention to detail and open communication helped to streamline the process and ensure that nothing was overlooked. We are extremely satisfied with the results that they produced and will definitely continue to recommend them to others!

Randy Withers TCC, Satisfied Web Lakeland Client

Randy Withers

Michael is the consummate professional and he has one of the best business minds I have yet to encounter! He’s down to earth, worldly and yet talented in so many different areas. He was technically my client, but I ended up learning so much from him that he probably should have billed me. See, Michael is a leader and a connector – you want to know how to network, Michael is your guy. you want project management, Michael is your guy. you want vision, well I’m sure you get the point by now. I’m not sure what else to say about Michael other than that he is trustworthy, honest, competent, and approachable. you would think that a man with his skill set would be intimidating, but he’s not. If I ever need anything, he’s a quick phone call or Skype session away. While I have no doubt that he’s busy, he makes time for people. That’s a special quality that you can’t learn in school. If you are looking for a franchise player, you can just stop right now. Michael is your man. Count on it!

Jason S Bocchino BND Collect Satisfied Web Lakeland Client

Jason S Bocchino

Michael is young but top knotch in the web dev world. In less than 3 months they had my company on top of all major search engines. I was very impressed by their skills and have referenced him and his business to over a half dozen companies. If you are looking for the real deal web developers you found them. I would not hire anyone else in the marketplace to do work other than Mike and his group. Also he is prompt reliable and always comes through on his word.

Reviews 12

Keith Priddy

Michael and his team just recently built us a new website. Did exactly what we wanted in a timely manner. Very responsive to any changes or needs that you need. Highly recommend if you are in need of a new website!

Randy Printer Emporium Satisfied Web Lakeland Client

Randy Domagalski Jr.

Michael has a bright mind for business and very creative and has made huge contributions to my business. We highly recommend his company.

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